The Nonconventional Technologies Review (Revista de Tehnologii Neconvenţionale) is a scientific engineering publication of the Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies (Asociaţia Română pentru Tehnologii Neconvenţionale – ARTN), which has started in 1997, with trimestrial appearance. The publication is addressed to all engineers and scientists interested on nonconventional technologies.

This review publishes original scientific papers about machining by means of nonconventional technologies, such as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), Ultrasonic, Chemical and Electro-Chemical Erosion, Rapid Prototyping, Selective Laser Sintering etc, preferably written in English. It reflects mainly the fundamental and experimental research activity concerning nonconventional technologies of our country, papers presented at international conferences held in Romania, as well as the contributions of some specialists from abroad.

All manuscripts are referred.

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ISSN 1454-3087

Starting from 1st of January 2014 the new ISSN codes are:
ISSN 2359 – 8646; ISSN-L 2359 – 8646;
ISSN 2359 – 8654; ISSN-L 2359 – 8646.

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