• Razvan Daniel Albu University of Oradea, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Romania
Keywords: thermometer, thermistor, ARDUINO


In this paper I will present the implementation process of a thermometer using ARDUINO and a thermistor that has a reduced cost, and is able to serve in a variety of applications. The article presents the entire development process from both hardware and software perspectives. Thermistor resistance variation can increase with temperature, or inversely, while the temperature increases, the thermistor resistance decreases. The Steinhart–Hart equation is used to derive a precise temperature of the thermistor since it provides a closer approximation to actual temperature than simpler equations, and is useful over the entire working temperature range of the sensor. Compared with traditional thermometer, the one presented in this paper is more flexible, easy to use and integrate in a variety of application, and very cost effective.


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