• Gabriela Georgeta Nichita University of Oradea
Keywords: mould, metal spraying, molten metal, master model, part


This paper has described an indirect method of rapid tooling technique, using for made the mould to manufacturing a representative part with complex geometry shape, by injection. The different changes in the market requirements entail the necessity of a flexible and efficient manufacturing process. The flexible moulds are made of low - hardness materials, such as silicone rubber, epoxy resin, low - melting point alloys etc., using new techniques like Vacuum casting and metal spraying. The metal spraying techniques is one of the most common procedures used in flexible tools manufacturing. The mould manufacturing by metal spraying was made in the laboratory of Innovative Technologies, at Technical University of Cluj-napoca, as result of the theoretical and experimental research work of the author, in the framework of doctoral studies in the field of industrial engineering.


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