• Stela Elena Muncut A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Aurelia Tanasoiu A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
  • Valentin Muller A University “Aurel Vlaicu” of Arad
Keywords: ultrasound, dissimilar materials, welding parameters, aluminum profiles


The paper presents the design of ultrasonic welding equipment that replaces two equipment with heater elements. The purpose of making the equipment besides increasing productivity is the significant increase in quality. The equipment was designed using industrial electronic components available on the market and aluminum profiles. The new part is the clamping device of the piece and the sonotrode control program. Finally, two welded pieces are presented comparing the two methods and the obtained parameters after the optimization. Developing the equipment and the quality of the sonotrode is very important. This is the key element of the equipment.


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