• Panagiotis Kyratsis University of Western Macedonia
  • Athanasios Manavis University of Western Macedonia
  • Panagiotis Gianniotis University of Western Macedonia
  • Liviu Daniel Ghiculescu Politehnica University of Bucharest
Keywords: Conceptual Design, Parametric Design, Product Design, Non-Conventional Design Techniques, Interior Design


The conceptual design stage involves a compound set of objectives and constraints such as issues of function, aesthetic and ergonomics. Furthermore, computational design methodologies offer a great number of advantages for engineering and manufacturing processes. Through the coupling of conceptual design stage with parametric modelling methods, the present research aims towards a non-conventional design technique that enhance product designers’ contribution to developing innovative and useful everyday products based on parametric design creations. The suggested approach allows a valuable perception of the design objectives and reinforces product designers in their decisions to find solutions. This research presents a number of illustrative case studies from interior design point of view (e.g. furniture and decorative items). Finally, the paper concludes with suggestions for further research and development for the coupling conceptual design and parametric modelling methodology.



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How to Cite
Kyratsis, P., Manavis, A., Gianniotis, P., & Ghiculescu, L. (2019). A NON-CONVENTIONAL METHODOLOGY FOR INTERIOR PRODUCT DESIGN USING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN PRINCIPLES AND PARAMETRIC TOOLS. Nonconventional Technologies Review, 23(4). Retrieved from http://revtn.ro/index.php/revtn/article/view/231

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