A word from our Editor-in-Chief


  • Dumitru Mnerie Polytehnic University of Timisoara
  • Mihail Titu Editor-in-Chief of”Nonconventional Technologies Review”


From its early infancy, it can be noticed that the engineering vocation has been approaced through a technical style, especially when done individually through an analytical perspective. 1921 is the birth year of 2 extraordinary Romanians who were to become extreemly passionate about technical engineering. On the 23 of May, in Turda, in the house of the professor and priest, Aureliu Nanu, was born Aurel Nanu, who would one day be known as the Pioneer of Nonconventional Technologies in Romania; and being born on the King’s birthday was also given the name of Carol. In the fall of the same year, on the 25th of October, Prince Mihai was born to the Romanian Royal House, who would one day become King Mihai the First of Romania. Even though their family circumstances precluded a different carriere choice for each man other than enineering, the passion for technology was a defining factor for both of them for their entire lives.

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