• Ralph Veres University of Oradea, Faculty of Managerial and Technological Engineering
Keywords: Rapid Prototyping, Optimization, Medical Engineering, Efficiency


Modern times brought modern techniques and we are taking part in a huge process of evolution regarding any main field of our daily lives. Engineering, medicine, economics and many other main fields faced optimization processes that, in a way or another, made our lives more comfortable, more practical and more efficient, trying to achieve the three main needs: precision, quality and short manufacturing times. In this paper I would like to sintetize the main benefits of rapid prototyping used in the field of medicine and medical engineering, based on the close approach beetwen engineering and modern medicine due to up to date nonconventional technologies, in this case aditive manufacturing or 3D printing. Also, I will present case reports regarding an active element used in medicine and designed and manufactured by a 3D printer – a shoe insole, and a passive element also used in medicine, more specific in clinical research as a continuous glucose monitoring system sensor holster.


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