• Vasile Emilian Ion University of Oradea
Keywords: landfill gas modelling, renewable energy, leachate evaporation


Landfill gas production modelling is made in these days using first order decay models which can be simple phase or multi-phase models. Among the most utilized software for landfill gas modelling there is also LandGEM v3.02. The LanGEM software model is offered by United States Environment Protection Agency and is a first order decay simple-phase model. However this software has his drawbacks and in the case of a landfill which not utilize the leachate recirculation the results are overestimated. Using an improved LandGEM model for landfill gas production modelling we can estimate correctly the quantity and the energy potential of landfill gas and we can implement appropriate solutions for electric energy production and for thermic energy recuperation. The case study for the research from this article I made it at Oradea’s ecological landfill for non-hazardous wasteswhere the leachate recirculation is forbidden and the recovered landfill gas is utilized for electric energy production. In this case the landfill gas cannot be utilized directly for leachate evaporation. In consequence a solution will be utilized which will recuperate the residual thermic energy from the engines and exhaust pipes of these for leachate evaporation at lower pressure and lower temperatures.


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