• Simina Maris Ioan Slavici University Timisoara
  • Lavinia Cernescu Ioan Slavici University Timisoara
  • Gabriela Victoria Mnerie Ioan Slavici University Timisoara
  • Luisa Dungan Politehnica University Timisoara
Keywords: non-conventional technologies, energy sources, management, Romania state of art, 2020 target


The continuous development of industry demands increasing amounts of energy. Hence, there is a quest for obtaining and promoting nonconventional technologies by renewable energy whichfuels the quest for non-conventional technologies used in the field of energy. There are international regulations concerning the management of energy resources in general, which can be applied in managing the renewable energy resources. Romania joined the international efforts in the area of promoting renewable energy resources. The targets assumed (24% of the total energy produced in Romania by 2020 should come from renewable sources) can be achieved if the current regulations and management methods are followed.


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